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              Wire rod
              Wire rod
              Wire rod
              Wire rod

              Wire rod

              • category:Wire rod
              • Release date:2019-04-03
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              As a national high-quality wire production base, Donghua has good metallographic structure, uniform performance, wide specification range, large disc, high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality. Products have passed the qualification certification of South Korea, Japan, Western Europe, Malaysia, Australia and other countries, and won the "National Customer Satisfaction Product" and other honorary titles. The products are widely used in construction, automobile, oil field, mining and other fields; the main varieties are prestressed steel wire, wire rod for steel strand, cord steel, spring steel, cold heading steel, galvanized steel wire for bridge cable, high carbon steel and Welding steel, etc.



              It has the advantages of stable composition, low harmful elements, strict control of inclusions, high purity of steel, small decarburization layer, less surface defects, stable mechanical properties and fine grain.

              Serial numberproduct namelengthspecificationproduct numberfinished product execution standard
              1Steel billet6m-12m120*120、130*130、150*150、165*165、180*180Q195, Q235, Q275, SS400 and other common carbon seriesGB/T700-2006
              Low alloy series such as Q345B, 20MnSi, 30MnSiGB/3077-1999
              45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and other hard wire seriesGB/699-1999
              2Hot rolled ribbed steel bars for reinforced concrete9m、12mφ10-φ50HRB400、HRB400E
              3Hot rolled round bar for reinforced concrete9m、12mφ10-φ22HPB300GB/T1499.1-2017
              Wire rodφ6-φ16
              4High quality carbon steel hot rolled wire rod
              5Hot rolled wire rod for prestressed steel wire and steel strand
              6Hot rolled wire rod for prestressed concrete steel bars
              7Carbon electrode steel hot rolled round
              8Hot rolled wire rod for gas shielded welding wire
              φ5.5ER70S-6、ER70S-3、ER50-6Technical conditions
              9Low carbon steel hot rolled strip
              10Cold heading and cold extrusion steel
              SWRCH6A-SWRC22A、SWRCH10K-SWRCH35AJIS G3507

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