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        Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group C


        0315-8050910 (office)

        0315-8391104 (disc section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)

        Mail box: zag@donghuasteel.com

        Address: Xiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

        Website: www.dlhxmc.com


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        Rooted in the heart, passed on the line - remember the first phase of new employee training in Donghua Iron and Steel


        In order to deepen the understanding of the new employees on the company, promote the rapid and smooth integration of employees into the company environment, and enhance the cohesiveness, responsibility and mission of the employees, Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. held the first issue on the morning of September 7, 2018. New employee orientation. The new employee training was organized by the administrative office, and the training supervisor Han Xiaoyue served as a lecturer. The course covered five major sections: the company's development history, corporate culture, company equipment and management philosophy, rules and regulations, and compensation and benefits.


        The training course is easily opened in a puzzle game. Through a series of activities such as the company's holiday welfare, love fund, and company warmth, the trainer explains to each new employee that the company advocates the main theme of the “home” culture.


        “Green and sustainable development” is the eternal development of the company. In recent years, under the guidance of national policies, the company has taken the responsibility of dedicating a blue sky to its hometown and continuously increasing investment in energy and environmental protection facilities. The technical equipment of each project has become a model for the industry. The introduction of key project construction such as closed material yard, dust removal and desulfurization, sewage treatment plant, waste heat warmer project and the management concept of environmental protection development of the company will stimulate the social responsibility of each employee.


        Finally, the company's staff behavior norms, rules and regulations, compensation and benefits, etc., also made a detailed explanation in the classroom, so that each employee can abide by the factory rules and regulations, do not touch, do not harm themselves and the company's interests.


        This training aims to let every new employee quickly understand Donghua, feel Donghua, and integrate into Donghua through the teaching of classroom knowledge. In the subtle way, it will inject momentum and confidence into the integration of new employees into the company. "Life has laid the foundation.


        I wish every new colleague a good start in the career of Donghua Iron and Steel. We are also looking forward to the growth of this fresh blood with Donghua and prosperity!

        1547708485171566.pngTangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

        未标题-1.png0315-8050910 (office) 0315-8391104 (panel section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)


        未标题-1.pngXiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province