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        Contact Us

        Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group C


        0315-8050910 (office)

        0315-8391104 (disc section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)

        Mail box: zag@donghuasteel.com

        Address: Xiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

        Website: www.dlhxmc.com


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        Donghua Iron and Steel - 6S management road


        Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. has been implementing 6S management. 6S management is finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, safety and literacy. It is an effective on-site management concept and method of modern factories. Since the implementation of 6S management, Donghua Iron & Steel has greatly improved the working environment, and the staff's mental outlook has been renewed. The work efficiency of the team has been significantly improved. We have worked hard to make a point, and we have made unremitting efforts to finally change back to the corporate environment.


        Changes in the office environment

        Since the implementation of 6S, the desktop in the office area is clean and tidy, all kinds of logos are clear and orderly, and various items are placed in a classified and uniform manner.



        Workshop environment changes

        In the production workshop, the old-fashioned, dirty and messy working environment was changed, replaced by the spotless ground, clean and washable equipment, various parts and components, and clear public responsibility areas and labels. A conspicuous set of management lines.



        The workers’ minds are changing

        With the deepening of 6S management, employee thinking has also changed in the subtle. 6S is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The enthusiasm of employees is significantly improved, and the awareness is constantly enhanced. It is better to start from the overall situation and bring the 6S management thinking as a daily habit to the usual work, and better accomplish the task.
        In order to create a 6S atmosphere, the company has developed a lot of 6S publicity billboards or pictorials, and carried out various competitions and training activities. After a long period of integration and penetration, everyone gradually resisted and accepted, from passive to active, the concept of 6S is deepening. People's heart.


        The standardized 6S management mechanism has enabled enterprises to upgrade new standards in production management, equipment management, safety management, and daily management, and embarked on a new stage. Enterprises have made gratifying progress in technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation, corporate culture innovation, etc., which will encourage and guide us to actively improve the deficiencies, prompting us to continuously absorb and introduce various advanced management concepts, so that enterprises become management A new steel enterprise with advanced, elegant environment and first-class quality!

        1547708485171566.pngTangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

        未标题-1.png0315-8050910 (office) 0315-8391104 (panel section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)


        未标题-1.pngXiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province