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              Donghua Iron and Steel - the base of the sentiment is cool


              At 10 o'clock on the morning of August 17, the company's general manager assistant Liang Zhimin, production vice president Yao Yousen, executive vice president Liu Yaping and the office staff went to the production line to carry out the condolence work for the high temperature post.


              The leaders visited the ironworks, steel mills, rolling mills, quality inspection departments, and Quanfeng thin plates, and sent water-resistant products such as watermelons, beverages, mineral water and medicines to employees who insisted on high-temperature jobs. The leaders had a deep conversation with the employees, so they always do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, avoid long-term labor in high temperature environment, ensure their own safety, and encourage them to fight high-temperature and high-yield fighting spirit. After hearing the words of leadership concern, the employees said that they will overcome the difficulties of high temperature, do their jobs, reward the company with practical actions, and repeatedly thank the leaders for their constant concern and the coolness brought by the high temperature.

              In Donghua Iron and Steel, there are people everywhere who stand in their posts and sweat, so that we can always feel the hardship and tenacity of frontline workers. It is because of their persistence and hard work that the company's production work can be carried out smoothly and efficiently. They are the most ordinary steel workers and the most lovely and respectable people! The condolences further promoted the corporate culture concept of Donghua Steel's “home” and created a good working atmosphere for caring for employees, so that these obscure employees can feel the warmth of the company. It is this touch, this care. Inspire us to march forward all the way and create brilliance with Donggang!

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