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        Contact Us

        Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group C


        0315-8050910 (office)

        0315-8391104 (disc section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)

        Mail box: zag@donghuasteel.com

        Address: Xiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

        Website: www.dlhxmc.com


        Current Position: Home >> Culture >> Family culture code of conduct

        Our core values: caring responsibility, tolerance, motivation, safety, innovation, self-restraint
        Our mission: to make the company a company that gives employees a sense of pride, happiness and belonging.
        Our vision: to create a first-class enterprise and build a beautiful home.

        Firstly, devotion to duty.

        Secondly, safety in production

        1. Adhere to the leading idea of "safe development, prevention first".

        2. Resolutely stop the behaviors that endanger public safety and production safety.

        3.Be familiar with safety management regulations and comply with safety management regulations.

        Thirdly, Solidarity and cooperation

        1. Strengthen communication and coordination between colleagues and superiors.

        2. Personal interests are subject to team interests, and local interests are subject to overall interests.

        3. Colleagues treat each other with sincerity and harmony.

        Fourthly Integrity and honesty

        1. Abide by the company's commitment, abide by the labor contract, and practice the duties of the post.

        2, Abide by the commitment of the customer partners, and insist on providing them with quality products and services.

        Fifthly hard work and self-discipline

        1. Be responsible for the job and successfully complete the assessment task.

        2. Adhere to the norms of the post, eliminate stereotypes, obey the law, and dare to report violations

        3. Care for public property, not extravagance and waste, pay attention to environmental protection.

        Sixthly, diligent study and pragmatic innovation

        1. Advocating science and technology, respecting knowledge and respecting talents.

        2. Strengthen learning, constantly update knowledge, and strive to cultivate learning organizations and learning life.

        3. Be proactive, bold and innovative, and strive to make new progress every day.

        4. Don’t afraid of failure, dare to try and take risks.

        1547708485171566.pngTangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

        未标题-1.png0315-8050910 (office) 0315-8391104 (panel section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)


        未标题-1.pngXiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province