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        Contact Us

        Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group C


        0315-8050910 (office)

        0315-8391104 (disc section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)

        Mail box: zag@donghuasteel.com

        Address: Xiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

        Website: www.dlhxmc.com


        Current Position: Home >> Culture >> Family culture concept

        Caring ,responsibility, tolerance, motivation, safety, innovation, self-esteem

        Caring- making Donghua a comfortable place for its employees, which listens to its employees at different levels,solves their difficulties, enhances employees' sense of belonging,and improves employee’s well-being and development, highlighting the humanistic concept of caring for people, understanding people, and respecting people.
        Responsibility-Enterprises should not only assume social responsibilities, but also fulfill their duties with employees. Employees should abide by their posts and clearly shoulder their responsibilities.
        Tolerance-Inspire employees to be humility and tolerance, so that employees can be in the continuous growth of their own at the same time  spur continuous learning and reflection. Let everyone work and live in a loving family.
        Safety-Advocate the idea that health is basicand happiness is valuable, paying attention to worker's body and mental health, building safe working environment, and safeguarding the life safety of the worker.
        Innovation-Innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development. Only when enterprises and employees maintain the vitality of innovation, can enterprises maintain healthy and sustainable development.
        Persistence-Persistence is a kind of tenacity in the spine, and it is a total commitment to the ideal and goal. Employees and enterprises need to be indomitable and stick to it to the end.With it, employees and enterprise can advance and retreat jointly.
        Ego-The enterprise and all employees can have their own ego, establish a positive and enterprising attitude towards life, and fully realize their own value
        Company sets the concept that "employees are family, housework by its cuisine, possessions on its creation, giving them" home care ", at the same time combines fine management with the humanistic management, respect care and listen to employees, helping them to solve the difficulties and problems, improving employees' well-being, and really make the company just as  a warm home.

        1547708485171566.pngTangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

        未标题-1.png0315-8050910 (office) 0315-8391104 (panel section) 0315-8398445 (bar material section)


        未标题-1.pngXiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province